Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory offers several retail franchise options in unique sites

Our flexible concepts can be adapted to successful franchises in unique venues. From full-service kiosks to mini installments, our modular concept can be configured to fit a variety of environments and budgets.

Typical non-traditional locations are often high-traffic venues including, but not limited to (click the icon to learn about each location type):

 ______CASINOS                   ___AIRPORTS      ___            CAFES

Non-Traditional Retail

  • Casinos- Savoring a sweet confection while enjoying your favorite gaming is the best of both worlds. Offering a variety of delicious snacks such as chocolate, nut and caramel Bears™, creamy truffles or a tart and sweet caramel apple is something your repeat patrons will look forward to with each visit! We would love to discuss the franchise options with you.

  • Airports- Whether it is a decadent indulgence on the way to the plane or a grab-and-go gift to bring home, travelers will enjoy a sweet stop during their travels. We have many options available ranging from a full-store design to a quick-shop kiosk to meet your airport franchise ownership needs.

  • RMCF Café- There’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite beverage with the sweet complement of chocolate in a relaxed, sit-down atmosphere complete with Wi-Fi and charging stations. Let your customers linger and indulge their chocolate cravings while socializing, working or simply taking a quiet moment for themselves. The RMCF Café is one of the top franchise opportunities blending two popular treat categories. 


For more information on licensing opportunities and other non-traditional locations please e-mail inquiries to our Franchise Sales Team.

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