License a top USA franchising concept with an international master licensing agreement


We're Looking for International Licensees 

What attributes make the right international licensee for the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory business opportunity? We are looking for individuals and companies with franchise management experience that can grow a franchise organization within their country: candidates who share our passion for success; commitment to quality; and want to provide excellent service to our customers.

Your company should have the expertise, the team, and the resources necessary to support our brand and a multiple store operations.

Ideal companies for this partnership are those that:

• Are already involved in the quick service food business, especially franchise organizations, with a minimum 7-10 years of experience
• Currently have 30+ stores operating 
• Have experience serving the same type of customers who frequent Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
• Have successfully operated other franchise or licensed business concepts
• Fully understand import and export regulations for your country and the U.S.
• Have a minimum of $2,000,000 USD working capital for this project

If you feel that you, and your company, or your partners have the experience, resources, and passion to become one of our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory licensees – to help us develop your country’s entire market – please submit your application.

Submit the International Master Licensing Request Form

We will carefully review your submission. If we believe you possess the necessary experience, skills, and capital to develop the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory brand in your country, we will contact you within two weeks of your submission. 

Thank you for your interest in bringing on of the top franchise businesses in the USA, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, to the world!


International Opportunities.

Available Markets

Primary Growth Markets- Asia, Middle East, Europe, Central America, South America

Secondary Growth Markets- Mexico, Australia, India, Indonesia

Current Markets- Panama, Philippines


International Opportunities.International Opportunities. 

The Process

• Submit the International Master Licensing Information Request form                                                                                 
• If qualified, RMCF, Inc. contacts applicant                                                                               

• Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) executed between RMCF, Inc. and applicant                           
• RMCF, Inc. sends confidential information to applicant                                                             
• Applicant completes business plan and sends to RMCF, Inc. for review                                      
• If business plan approved, RMCF, Inc. formally invites applicant to visit RMCF, Inc. headquarters
• RMCF, Inc. visits applicant’s headquarters to finalize business opportunity discussion                 
• Sign letter of intent covering major business terms of agreement                                            
• Review and sign final Master License Agreement                                                                    

Open your first store!      


You can reach us at:

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Sales Office


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc.

265 Turner Drive

Durango, Colorado USA 81303

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