A Sweet Opportunity - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory offers an appealing opportunity, confirmed by the high number of existing franchisees seeking to expand and purchase stock in the Company. "We offer a product that everyone loves, one that brings smiles to faces, spreads goodwill and happiness wherever we are found," founder Frank Crail remarks proudly. "I can't think of many other opportunities that can boast that.“



Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is an international franchisor, confectionery manufacturer and retail operator in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. The Company is based in the charming historical town of Durango located on the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains in Southwestern Colorado. From its 53,000 square foot factory, the Company manufactures an extensive line of premium chocolate candies and confectionery products to supply its many franchise locations, delivered fresh by its fleet of refrigerated trucks.


We understand the importance of supporting all our franchisees to succeed in their business and our commitment and passion for our brand is the reason for extensive training and support. It takes hard work and devotion to run a profitable chocolate business and by ensuring every franchisee has a level of expertise and confidence from day one of ownership, we win together.


In addition to step-by-step support to becoming a franchisee, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. provides a vast array of support to its franchisees:

  • Store design guidance
  • Franchise support and training in day to day operations and cooking
  • Retail impact support - P&L management, cost of goods and labor controls
  • Marketing support
  • Calendar of promotions and seasonal brand building opportunities
  • Regular field representative consultations on operations and marketing
  • Team training support on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Opportunities to network with other experienced RMCF store owners